Rolling Barrel Swivel

These P-Line swivels feature smooth no-twist rolling barrel operation, brass bells. Constructed of black anodized brass, they are the perfect terminal tackle solution for many species from Trout to Albacore. Each package comes with a handy pin to keep the same swivel sizes and types together and organized in your tackle box. The P-Line Rolling Barrel Swivel is available in sizes 1/0, 1, 3, 5, 7, 10,12,14
Breaking Strength: Size (1/0) 133lb/60.3kg    Size (1) 104lb/47.2kg   Size (3) 88lb/39.9kg  Size (5) 71lb/32.2kg  Size (7)48lb/21.8kg  Size (10) 31lb/14.1kg   Size (12) 20lb/9.1kg  Size (14) 9lb/4.1kg